Design Systems & Accessibility

A UX Engineer currently working as a Principal UX Engineer at Twilio, on Design Systems. I have over 16 years experience in Web Development and Front-End Engineering, specialising in building user interfaces for web sites and web applications.

Expert in Rapid Prototyping and Semantic and Accessible interfaces, I lead and work with engineering and design teams.

Maker of accessibility colour contrast checker: Are My Colours Accessible

Previously Salesforce, BigCommerce, Flippa, SitePoint, Orchard and Abacus e-media.

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I’m super good at CSS and I don’t recommend the cascade, don’t @ me

Fri Jan 11 2019

In almost all but small, document-based website cases, I can tell you from experience that the cascade is kind of a terrible idea for today’s teams, organisations, and products, and it’s got nothing to do with “not knowing CSS”.